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Gosh, it's been forever since I wrote in this thing.  Oh well.  There have been some new additions here.  I may post a few more in the near future.  Not really sure.  Trying to spend most of my time dedicated to Furmentation

I really to get a good high quality still camera so I can start taking my own stock photos for these wallpapers.
Just an Update.  I go back to school in a couple days.  I now officially have a Prints account btw.  What I don't have is prints for sale.  I'd like input from people on which wallpapers in my gallery people would like to see converted into printable versions.  Suggestions?
It's finally over.  *cries*  I need to get out of here fast.  College has broken my will for this semester and I really need this month vacation.  I won't have internet access for some time but I promise to do lots of stuff when I get back.  In the meantime, everyone go bug manya at &nbs… cool.

Finals are here.  *slumps* oh rapture.

I think the next week and a half is going to be a nightmare.  Not sure how much I'll be able to update before I go back home for Winter Break.  *sigh*

Anyhow, I've been considering getting a Prints account.  Not sure if it's really worth it or not.  I'm still kinda new here and I don't feel as though there's enough traffic, and I doubt anyone would buy anything yet.  If you think I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.

Alright, I've got 45 minutes before my big exam this evening.  *assumes the Winni the Pooh pose*  think...think think...think think.  :confused:
hmm.  so I've got school work.  Ugh.  Recently it seems like doing wallpapers on my computer is a kind of crack addiction.  I sit down, and I want to create.  I'm wondering if my creativity is going to Burn out soon or not.  I dunno.  I'm tired.  I just played a game of Wink in a Swimming pool for two hours.  Wonderful stuff.

So recently my art thing has been raiding Obscured-Stock's collection of photo's for inspiration.  If you haven't been to see her stuff, you should.  the photo's are decent quality and she's a very appealing model.

Don't be surprised if I use a lot of her in my upcoming pieces.
Ok, so, my current distraction is going through the Stock Photos section and doing fun things in Photoshop with them.

Aside from that, I think I've finally got a lull in my Real Life, so I've got some time to rest and calm down from all the hectic stuff going on.